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Pastor Sara J Shingledecker

  • Born and raised in SW MN

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Southwest State University, Marshall, MN with a minor in coaching

  • Former Coach, Youth Leader, Childcare Director, Juvenile Care Assistant, and Minnesota State High School League Official

  • Child Advocate (Guardian ad Litem) for the State of MN Court system for 20 years

  • Proud Woman of the ELCA and strong community advocate

  • Masters of Divinity degree from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa

  • Former Lay Minister at First Lutheran Church in Marshall, MN

  • Former Vicar at Borgund Lutheran, Madison, MN

  • Former Vicar at MN Valley, Louisburg, MN

  • Former Vicar at Zion Lutheran in Appleton, MN

Pastor Sara is well trained and has a wealth of experience in dealing with challenging situations.  She is a joy to talk with. Her core values are hospitality, connection, and reformation. She has a lifetime of practical experience, has lived through trauma, and is very compassionate.  Pastor Sara will tell you if you put your faith in humanity you will always be let down.  Trust in God who has given you faith This gift will sustain you and give you peace even in your darkest hour.


If you need pastoral care feel free to reach out to Pastor Sara.